About Mark Eastburn


I have a wide variety of interests, from biology and technology to history and culture. My first book, a children’s adventure novel titled Earning My Spots, will be published by Sky Pony Press in September, 2016. I teach at Riverside Elementary School in Princeton, NJ, where I am teaching children genetics through our resident population of Eastern box turtles. This blog will chronicle my quest!

I don't think I need a bigger dog, and please don't ask if he's a horse.
We probably picked the wrong time of year to give our dog a haircut.

When I find the time, I’m also working on my master’s thesis at Villanova University, studying the world’s only vegetarian spider, Bagheera kiplingi, and Frigga crocuta, another unusual spider species. My travels in this investigation have taken me to Texas, Oklahoma, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama (where I also served in the Peace Corps from 1999-2001).

Image credit: Robert L. Curry, Villanova University
Little Bagheera eats from its plant. Image credit: Robert L. Curry, Villanova University
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.41.33 PM
Bagheera kiplingi sure is cool, but Frigga crocuta is now my favorite!

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